Why work with us


Our offering is unique

Our model allows you to leverage the full power of the biotech industry portfolio

Your goal is our goal: find the best enzyme for a reaction irrespective of who makes it

  • We work across enzyme producers
  • We are neutral: don’t push any producer

Increase chances of quick success:

  • We screen more commercial variants than any one enzyme provider can
  • Maximizes chances of getting a hit – eliminating lengthy and expensive enzyme development
We help implement technology and invest in “ready to implement” routes

Experienced staff able to upscale and implement swiftly & assuredly.

  • Technical staff with very strong bio-catalysis and pharma background in commercial scale projects
  • Full process implementation, upscaling and process optimization support

Implementation service and support is offered across enzyme producers

We will also bring selected, pre- developed “ready-to-implement” routes.
  • Allows for fast-tracked upscaling
  • Only very few resources required
  • Low risk, predictable outcome
We help you find the best supplier(s) for low risk, consistent supply.

Enzyme supply for your regular requirements

  • We engage with enzyme producers at very early stage to ensure consistency and reliability of supply
  • We have distribution agreements with enzyme producers which allow us to supply the enzymes locally

Dual supplier option.

If mandatory, we can also help screen and identify secondary suppliers where feasible Team iosynth is versatile - draws on experience across Microbiology, Biochemistry, Enzymology, Organic chemistry & Bioprocess technology to deliver comprehensive services to our customers.

Iosynth capabilities.png