Who are we

Our beliefs

Iosynth wants to create a more sustainable world by increasing adoption of bio-based process within the chemical and allied industries – especially in chiral chemistry
Our customer’s goal is our goal – we want to bring the best technology/solution for each situation – irrespective of technology, manufacturer
Our strength are bio-based processes – biocatalysis (with pure enzymes) and biotransformation (whole cell)

There is great potential to find new commercially viable applications with

  • Existing commercial (bulk) enzymes in the market today
  • Biotransformation processes from wild type screening

Finding suitable the enzymes or microbe is a part of the job – applying them in a process at scale is when it creates value for our customers.

Our business model

Iosynth is a Bangalore based company offering biocatalytic services and selling enzymes. We are enzyme experts, know this industry inside-out, and can supply our customers even with otherwise difficult-to-get enzymes.
We work with selected enzyme producers from around the world and enter strategic supply partnerships with them. All our enzyme partners have our full confidence that they produce quality enzymes at scale with a high level of reliability. We consider this a “must-have” criteria for any commercial consideration. For the benefit of our customers, Iosynth does this quality check for all enzyme suppliers that we work with.
Iosynth works with all enzyme classes. Often, there are several technical alternatives for reaching the project goal. Our technical team is highly experienced to select and recommend the most suitable and cost-efficient solution for specific reactions.

Iosynth's Management
Mr. Prasad Nair

Prasad is a seasoned professional with 2 decades of industry experience. Prior to founding Iosynth, Prasad held various commercial leadership roles in Business Development & Marketing at Novozymes, the world’s leading industrial enzymes company. Through the course of his experience, Prasad realized both the unexplored potential in the commercially available enzymes available globally as well as the need to focus on application development to increase adoption of greener biotech processes – leading him to found Iosynth. He has an MBA from Univ. Of Virginia and a BE from NIT Trichy and currently lives in Bangalore.

Mr. Wolfgang Eger

Wolfgang Eger is a proven business leader with expertise in the interface of Industrial Biotechnology with Sales, Marketing, Business Development and Strategy. Over the past 15 years he developed deep insights and an impressive network in enzyme industry globally. Prior to Iosynth, Wolfgang worked for 12 years at Novozymes in multiple management positions around the world.
A German national, Wolfgang has worked in several countries across Asia and currently resides in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Wolfgang is recognized and valued as a thought-leader in the space of enzymes and biological solutions

Dr. Sawraj Singh

Dr. Sawraj Singh was among few professionals who were actively pursuing on biocatalysis and biotransformation in indian pharma industry d. Before founding Iosynth, he worked for various pharma companies. He has executed several projects from shake flask to pilot and finally to commercial scale. He has also developed, validated and commercialized fermentation based process during his industrial stint.
He holds a PhD in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology from NIPER, Mohali and is author of five patents and seven international research publications in the field of biocatalysis. He has also published two review article and contributed in a book chapter.
He is co-founder and executive director of Iosynth Labs Pvt. Ltd. and is responsible for technical deliverables. Sawraj Singh is native of Patiala, Punjab and presently resides in Bangalore