What we do

Iosynth’s activities are 4-fold

A. “Off the shelf” biocatalysis technologies
Iosynth develops biocatalytic processes at our own risk and makes them available “off the shelf” to the broad market. Examples can be found in the Technical Section.
These processes are fully developed technologies. Customers can easily implement any of these processes at their own facility by simply following the Iosynth Process Instructions. Iosynth staff is also available to implementation and scale-up support.

B. Enzyme and Fermentation R&D
Our R&D activities build on our extensive enzyme experience and our deep customer relationships: Iosynth develops novel enzymes where we see a strong market potential, but no existing commercial product available. For details of our current innovative projects, please check out our R&D page.

We are also well versed in developing fermentation processes starting from screening of microorganisms from nature for a desired conversion and then developing shake flask, lab and commercial scale processes. We can efficiently develop downstream processes for maximum yield for the same. Presently, we are developing fermentation processes for in-house projects. We offer fermentation based services to our customers also.

C. Enzymatic Contract Research Services
Iosynth offers enzymatic contract research. This is a standard CRO activity, where Iosynth develops biocatalytic processes on behalf of a customer. Customer define the scope and target of the project – Iosynth does the technical work. All IP is owned by the customer. The business model is usually an FTE model plus consumables.
Customers benefit from choosing Iosynth for enzymatic/biocatalytic CRO work instead of regular (chemical/pharmaceutical) CRO service providers because Iosynth is uniquely focused on biocatalytic processes. The Iosynth team is more skilled and experienced in biocatalytic development work than most other companies. We are confident that we can deliver better and more relevant results.

D. Enzyme Supply
Iosynth will supply the enzymes to our customers. During the development phase (of a project) we will supply trial quantities of enzymes, with start of commercialization,Iosynth will supply regular commercial (bulk) quantities.
Our Strategic Supply Partnerships makes it easy for our customers. They will never need to worry if they can get enzymes at scale. Iosynth takes care of this. For more details on enzymes that we supply, please check our Enzyme supply page