Racemase Project

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Racemase Project

More than 50% of small-molecule drugs on the market today are chiral. Many of these APIs are now offered as single-enantiomer products.

Chiral resolutions of racemic mixtures are limited to a theoretical yield of 50 % using classic techniques like chromatography, crystallization and kinetic resolution. This yield can be increased with continuous racemization of the non-desired enantiomer. However current technologies require harsh treatments such as high temperature, extreme PH and expensive, unsustainable metal catalysts to achieve this. And after all this, it still results in unpredicted yield loss.

Iosynth is developing a novel enzyme called racemase. With racemase, it will be possible to achieve in-situ racemization yields of 100%. This will obviously have a great impact on both production economy of the factory, as well as improved sustainability.

Racemase can be used together with hydrolase (lipase) in a single reaction at mild reaction conditions.

R&D Funding

Iosynth has been awarded with a development grant from the Karnataka government to fund this R&D project.

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For more details on this project, please contact us: contact [at] iosynth.com or via the contact form on this website.