Enzyme Supply

Iosynth offers scalable biocatalytic solutions and is one of the main suppliers of enzymes in India for the Fine Chemical Industry. Our warehouse and logistic setup allows customers across India to streamline their supply chain operation for their enzyme needs. Almost all of our enzymes are available for industrial processes up to ton scale. Easy, accessible biocatalysis.


Iosynth offers a broad range of enzymes used for biocatalysis, antibiotics production, specialty enzyme applications. Our enzyme portfolio provides a continually expanding toolbox with innovative biocatalysts

Enzymes for Biocatalysis
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Biocatalysis enzymes from Novozymes

The “workhorse” for industrial biocatalysis applications are hydrolases, mainly lipases and proteases. These enzymes are well researched, very cost-effective to apply, and available at commercial scale. Through our partnership with Novozymes, we supply well-known lipases such Lipozyme CALB, Novozym 435, Lipozyme TL, Novoyzm 40086, Savinase 12T, Alcalase 2.5L and many more. For a full list of enzymes from Novozymes, please click here: Novozymes Enzymes for Biocatalysis

Other biocatalysis enzymes that we supply on a frequent basis:
Hydrolase (Lipase, Protease, Esterase, etc)
Ketoreductase (KRED) / Alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH)
Nitrile Hydratase
Imine Reductase
P450 monooxygenase
Ene Reductase
Horseradish Peroxidase (HRP)
Pig Liver Esterase
Baeyer-Villiger monooxygenases

If your required enzyme is not listed here, please advise us of your requirements. There is a very high chance that we will be able to supply you with this enzyme as well.

Co-factors and co-factor recycling enzymes (regeneration enzymes)

Some enzyme reactions require co-factors (or coenzymes) for the enzyme to react.

Glucose dehydrogenase (GDH)
Formate dehydrogenase (FDH)
NAD(P)H Oxidase
Lactate dehydrogenases

If your required enzyme is not listed here, please advise us of your requirements. There is a very high chance that we will be able to supply you with this enzyme as well.

Screening kits
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We have a broad range of screening kits for many enzymes available. Please contact us for more details

Enzymes for Antibiotics and Beta-Lactam production
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The use of enzymes in the production of antibiotics and beta-lactams is probably one of the most established applications of enzymes in the pharmaceutical industry. The traditional PenG acylase (PGA) is still widely used, but there is also a lot of innovation coming to this segment: Enzymes for new pathways and new classes of antibiotics, as well as innovation in the formulation which allow customers to get more cycles out of their enzymes.

Our enzymes address a very broad portfolio of antibiotics and intermediates
(antibiotic building blocks)

enzymes for antibiotic production

Penicillin G acylase 6-APA production from Penicillin G
7-ACCA production from Penicillin G
7-AVCA production from Penicillin G
7-ADCA production from Cephalosporing G
Cephalosporin C acylase Direct production of 7-ACA from CPC (1 step only)
Amoxicillin acylase Amoxicillin production from 6-APA and HPGM
Cephalexin acylase Cephalexin production from 7-ADCA and PGM
Cefaclor acylase Cefaclor production from PGM and 7-ACCA
Cefradine acylase Cefradine production from 7-ADCA and DHME
Cefadroxil acylase Cefadroxil production from 7-ADCA and HPGM
Cefazolin acylase Cefazolin production from TDA and TzAAMe
Cephalosporin C or 7-ACA esterase D-CPC production from CPC
D-7-ACA production from 7-ACA
Cefprozil acylase Cefprozil production from 7-APRA and HPGM

All our enzymes in this segment have a high substrate selectivity and a high specific activity. For customers this means smooth operation with excellent cost-effectiveness.


Iosynth offers best-in-class beta lactamase for antibiotic sterility testing and environmental monitoring.

Sterility Testing
sterility testing with beta lactamase

US Pharmacopeia (USP) Chapter 71 and EP Section 2.6 describe sterility testing of bulk antibiotics, which should be shown to be free from microbial contamination. The testing requires the removal of significant amounts of active antibiotic from solution by combined filtration and the use of penicillinase or β-Lactamase, The resulting solution is tested for the (lack of) growth of microbes.

Our beta-lactamase has significantly higher activity against clinically important beta-lactams, it inactivates clinical relevant cephalosporins better than any other product available on the market.

beta lactamase petri dish for environmental monitoring
Environmental Monitoring Plates

Contact plates, settle plates and air monitoring systems for testing of aseptic conditions in antibiotic manufacturing facilities need to be manufactured with agar medium for neutralization of antibiotic. This is achieved by the addition of Penicillinase or β-Lactamase to the medium. Through this, any antibiotic residues are hydrolyzed and microbial contamination can be detected.

Our Beta-Lactam agar plates are available as contact and settle plates for high performance monitoring of your isolators and clean rooms during beta lactam manufacture.

Specialty and Diagnostic Enzymes

Here is a list of some of the more common specialty enzymes that we supply.

Due to coronavirus there is substantial demand for Proteinase K enzyme. We have several options for this application. Larger quantities are also possible. Please contact us directly for more details.

Nuclease (DNA and RNA cleaving)
Purine Nucleoside Phosphorylase (PNPase)
Pyrimidine Nucleoside Phosphorylase (PyNPase)
Uridine Phosphorylase
Nucleoside Deoxyribosyltransferase
Proteinase K
Muramidase / Lysozyme
Other enzyme applications

Iosynth is best known for supplying enzymes for biocatalysis, however enzymes are also routinely used for multiple other applications, such as cell culture, biosimilars, and diagnostics, digestive aids. Iosynth has an in-depth knowledge of specialty applications in the pharma, food, cosmetics, agro-chemical and fine chemical industries. The diversity of applications is too large to fully cover here. Please contact us with your specific question or enzyme need. We will be happy to help you.