IOSYNTH applies biology to produce sustainable chemistry

We do this by combining the fields of biocatalysis or fermentation with traditional chemistry, allowing us and our customers to implement routes of synthesis which are cost effective & better for the environment. We believe in the principles of green chemistry and are in a constant pursuit to find better ways.


Our Products & Services

At IOSYNTH we offer enzymes and intermediates as products, and biochemical services which address the full value chain from R&D to manufacturing. Our key product offerings are:

Enzyme Supply

Iosynth offers scalable biocatalytic solutions and is one of the main suppliers of enzymes in India to the Fine Chemical Industry. Our warehouse and logistic setup allows customers across India to streamline their supply chain operation for enzyme needs.

R&D enzymes

Large catalog of highly pure and active R&D enzymes: screening kits for specific enzyme classes, cofactors and cofactor recycling enzymes, and nucleoside modifying enzymes.

Enzymes for commercial biocatalysts

Iosynth works with some of the best enzyme manufacturers in the world to deliver high quality supply of bulk enzymes for commercial biocatalysis reactions. For some reactions a detailed application protocol is available.

Specialty and Diagnostic Enzymes

Proteinase K, beta-lactamase and other enzymes.

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Iosynth is expert in enzymes and fermentation, and we know how to apply them effectively at commercial scale: As a result, we also offer intermediates produced by bio-based processes. This makes it easy for our customers to use cost-effective and sustainable-produced intermediates without the complexity of having to go through all the manufacturing steps yourself.

Commercially available intermediates

Iosynth offers high purity intermediates for following pharma APIs: Bictegravir, Atorvastatin, Solefinacin.

Intermediates under development
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CRO/CDMO Services


Iosynth provides broad-spectrum biocatalysis services, including enzyme screening, application process developmentand optimization, workup and purification, enzyme immobilization.


Our fermentation team is highly experienced and skilled in fermentation process development and upscaling, as well as down-streaming, purification and formulation. This can be applied for enzymes, whole-cell processes, synthetic biology based processes, or any other target molecule in cell factory.


Many processes are not complete without a chemical synthesis step before or after a biological reaction. As such we consider our chemistry integration as key to our value offering.

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