Easy, accessible biocatalysis

Deep insights into commercially available enzymes worldwide.

Experienced in upscaling processes to commercial scale.

Iosynth is a biocatalysis service company to the pharma and fine chemical industry. We strongly believe that there are many great enzymes in the market today for biocatalysis/chiral chemistry application; many of them are available in bulk and have a broad substrate specificity. Our deep insights into enzyme producers globally and their respective product portfolio and strengths allow us to select suitable commercially available enzymes for most reactions. This saves our customers time and money, while still getting all benefits of enzymes in the reaction: Using enzymes correctly lowers your cost and is more sustainable.

Biocatalysts are biological molecules having catalytic properties with the ability to perform specific chemical transformations. They find wide ranging commercial applications across industries – esp. in the pharmaceuticals & fine chemicals industry. Biocatalysts are particularly beneficial for manufacturing chiral molecules. The high selectivity of biocatalysts typically offers higher yield of desired molecules with functional groups at the desired locations when compared to traditional chemo-synthesis. These bio-based processes are operated at mild conditions of temperature, pH & pressure having minimum side reactions with ease in separation and less environmental pollution



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